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I’ll Follow You Anywhere

58640003© Sarah Maire Kanzle58640002© Sarah Maire Kanzle© Sarah Maire Kanzler 58640012© Sarah Maire Kanzle


Vagabonds Hostel, Belfast

IMG_6884 IMG_6859IMG_6883 IMG_6882 IMG_6880 IMG_6870 IMG_6867  IMG_6854 IMG_6853

Pretty sweet hostel, thoroughly enjoyed my stay. What I remember of it anyways..


A dog & his beach

A dog & his beach


Boat racing in Sohoton, Philippines



Why do Indonesian cats have fucked up tails? Good question..

Took this photo on Gili Trawangan which is off of Lombok, Indonesia. I would say 98% of the cats on the island had missing or fucked up tails. Talked to a friend who grew up in Jakarta and he said that they were cut off for superstitious reasons. Something like “a cat without a tail can’t curse you.” Also heard that its just some sort of inbreeding/malnutrition issue that has led to it being a common genetic trait.

Salvaged Roadkill